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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  February 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PST

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. it is 5:00 a.m. thanks you pore joining us. >> i am eric thomas. i am kristen sze. but are happy you are here. you could be happy the visibility is better. >> and more dry. no drizzle this morning like in a few areas yesterday. -- showing it is dry and you can see the clouds are not so low as yesterday. >> now, we are cooler at 41 to 52 through action h -- through 7:00 and low-to-mid 76 for the rest us with sunshine so grab the sunglasses. you will need them. this evening it is mild in the
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mid-to-upper 50s. >> how is the traffic? >> better than year. right if you we have a look at eastern span of the bay bridge where we will have construction on lower deck away from san francisco at the through tower. that is until 6:00 this morning. as we move on over to the next view there is a look at san jose 101, pulling up to san jose san jose it and clear and accident free but we have a big construction project in san leandro over the weekend. details are ahead. >> now the news from propsing college student to accused attempted murdering a santa chair university is preparing for a court appearance for stabbing his roommate in campus apartment. our reporter is at the university with details. amy? >> yes kristen, two students were taken from the dorm here on campus to the hospital. one is this suspect 19
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dylan kim suffering from self inflicted stab wounds. he has been released from the hospital and backed into jail. kill is accused of stabbing his roommate also taken to the hospital. this happened yesterday at santa clara university and the victim is expected for recover from the injuries. police did not say what motive was and kill is due in court tomorrow. he is charged with attempted homicide. thank you at 5:02, san jose police hope surveillance video will help fine the gunman who killed a security guard on valentine's day night. manny zuniga was slot and killed a men stole $20 worth of cigars from a liquor store. watch as the suspects walk into the liquor for less on north capitol avenue on saturday night. they leave but moments later one comes back and gabs display of
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cigars and runs and trips and falls. manny zuniga who worked at bboss nightclub next door tried to help and was shot. a memorial continues to grow outside the store. his funeral takes place next wednesday. >> a unsenator and a state senator be in the east bay to public for legislation ensuring that man more american children are vaccinated in the wake of recent measles outbreaks. our reporter is in the newsroom with the latest. >> officials continue to report more and more cases. this outbreak is showing in signs of stopping and john 1, the centers for disease control has confirmed 141 cases in 17 states and 113 infected visit or worked at disney land and ten cases are linked to another outbreak at an illinois daycare center and officials have not tracked down how the remaining 18 got the virus. 20 cases were just reported in the last week with sparking a national discussion on vaccination. the majority of people sick were
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not vaccinated. the centers for disease control is seeing more adults with measles. daycare centers are changing staff policies to make sure all cake carriers have vacation movement senator boxer plans to tour a ymca head start in emeryville introducing a bill requiring the shots if all children enrolled in head start programs across the country. she will be joins by a senator who is a period television, a state senator. they address the measles outbreak and the need to protect kids against preventable diseases. new this morning, san leandro police are now offering a $25,000 reward to help solve the shooting death of a 21-year-old college student. investigators say he was found unresponsive inside a parked car on kenilworth avenue december 14 and died at the scene.
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police have not released the victim's name but will slain wyatt a news conference later on today. the family will be there to ask the public to help solve the murder of their loved one. >> police are looking for a man who burglarized a home and stole $6,000 in electronics and musical strums. a neighbor near the home captured footage of the suspect parking his car and broke in through a window. police say the we suspect is white male in his late teens to early 20 driving a white 2007 or 2008bmw 328i. if you have information call the police. >> california drought is getting very serious so serious that officials are now considering new restrictions. this including not getting served water at a restaurant unless you ask for it, and same for fresh towels and sheets. and they could ban outdoor water
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fountains. the board is considering new rules after it imposes emergency regulations last summer including prohibiting those in california from washing cars with hoses that do not shut off. mike has a couple of days rain each month and then dry. we hope that the past performance does not predict future returns. here is the east bay where some of our earliest risers are getting up right new and waiting outside. pittsburgh and concord are the warmer temperatures at 51 along with pleasanton and livermore at 53 and danville is 44 and i destination is elsewhere or if you wake up elsewhere, good morning to you, we have low-to-mid 50s around the bar -- the bay shore and 52 at half moon bay and fairly is at 50 degrees. as we hold into the afternoon hours, we are going to see a lot more sunshine and temperatures
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are rebounding with coolest at the coast and lingering clouds mid-50s to increasely sick. inland we are in the mid-to-upper 60 and an the bay in the low-to-mid 60s the less and less cloud cough in the morning and more sunshine and dry air and temperatures will warm and stay in the 60s at the coast and the rest of us will touch 70 as we head into the weekend. >> we have a look at the exclusive i waze app and tracking this accident and 27 minutes ago there is a minor accident when 205 so's you get to the 580 merge you will find an accident blocking one lane that is looking slow over the a pass. stop-and-go traffic up to vasco. as we look at the drive, walnut creek that is loading and as i
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step out of the way you can see it is slow to highway 124. when you get there it is top speed along highway 24 and 69 miles per hour through lafayette to orinda and to the caldecott tunnel and 680 no delays but construction and eastbound 580 in dublin craving for milliony and natural ingredient is spreading to junk food with america's money report next. >> american connection, live in washington dc, with what investigators are learning from the latest isis execution video. stay tuned.
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works? works. works.
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covering can that clear, east bay campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning at 5:11 on wednesday. a look at the golden gate bridge where traffic is moving smoothly in both directions. not a lost fog. we will check with mike and leyla in a moment. >> a prayer vigil is planned at san francisco's st. cathedral to show support for the staff and teachers after the archbishop proposed morality clauses condemning hoax sexuality and contraception among other thinks for the remain lowees. lawmakers sent the archbishop to remove the clauses from the teacher hand book calling them discriminatory. organizers say they use the first day of length to ask the archbishop to reconsider the proposal and stop the attack on the lgbt community. >> chilling new details of a
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masked man in a recent isis execution video may be an american. investigators are pouring over the video analyzing facial features and speech patterns to determine his identity. here is the story from washington dc. good morning kristen intelligence officials say they do not know who the masked man is but this morning they are getting closer to figuring that out. >> the new clues that could help identify this masked isis leader heard briefly in the gruesome video showing the beheading of 21 egyptian christians. today --. >> the speaking pattern and facial features analyzed by united states intelligence officials and compared to americans then to have joined isis. >> he is not from canada. >> linguist says the fighter's pronounceation point to a possible united states background where some arabic
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influence. >> he sounds pretty american. >> officials do not know how many americans have got overseas to fight with sis but there is growing concern about the effectiveness of the online recruiting and the state department now has their own social media campaign to counter isis propaganda. thanks. new details about the deadly accident involving bruce jenner, the crash was caught on surveillance video of the bus and it shows the gold medalist and reality tv star louing into two cars rather than one as originally thought. the cars include a lebanon us driven by a woman who died. the accident happened on the pacific coast highway two weeks ago and jenner said he was being chased but there is in proof of that so far. >> if you are an hourly worker in california new legislation
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would require your boss to give you more stability. retail and food establishments with on or more employees should give a two weeks scheduling notice and additional pay if last minute schedule changes are made. california woulden the first state to require the work changes. >> gasoline prices are slowly rising but the news is not all bad. here is america's money. >> topping america's money a new jump at the pump, the national average for a gallon of regular is $2.27 and that is still $1.11 lower than this time last year. >> the gas prices rise because of refinery maintenance but will remain at bargain levels. >> the growing demand for healthy food now affecting the i candy i'll and nestle is removing artificial flavors we from chocolates. >> nestle is the first major candy company to make the move but others are expected to follow suit. >> and a spicy new item at taco
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bell launching next week. >> they are not revealing much but we do know it will be include a hot sauce from a new statue of president reagan will take its place at the state capital row fund da -- capital rotunda 7' tall weighing how pounds. the sculpture. withed to honor reagan who was his close friend and said at age 95 his widow, nancy played a big role in the design and the statue will replace the statue of christopher columbus with no word on where the statue will go. >> we are four days away from oscar sunday and crews are working around the clock to get everything ready for the red
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carpet, the big day. >> part of hollywood boulevard is shut down and will way that way. crews will bring in the giant gold oscar statues to line unoutside the theater and the statues that are given to the stars are being made in illinois. >> our come begins at 2:00 p.m. with on the wrote carpet at the oscars and we will deal with that at 5 o'clock and watch would wins as neil patrick harris hosts the oscars with a list of nominees at >> katie marzullo be if los angeles with reports from the oscars and inside look at bay area connections to the biggest night. and it is all up to mike. >> no pressure, though.
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>> i can't hold the umbrella for all of them. >> don't. >> that is the key. when in detroit you forecast -- when in drought you forecast dry weather. there is a can of showers. if you are headed in, friday is the most dry and warmest day at 70. increasing clouds and showers are possible saturday night and a chance of showers on sunday with the cool of the day at 66. not a steady rain not a wash out, just a chance of showers. we will watch that are now. with an update each day until we are closer. at home, tule fog in the central valley and visibility is better than yesterday as the air is more dry and you can see the cud cover but notice how it is happening higher in the area than yesterday. because that the clouds will open today and we will see warmer and feel warmer sunshine pus of it. more sun and warmth through the weekend and dry weather lingers
5:18 am
another day longer in the seven-day forecast. here is the cloud cover it is increases through the morning commute and 8:00 and then the sun is high enough and it warms the ground and overturns the air and by noon, we are already breaking the clouds apart and during afternoon we will see a lot of sunshine developing at the coast. you are stuck in the 50s and the rest of issue in the 60s but it will be five or ten degrees warmer than yesterday. nearly 60 along the coast and mid-60s around the bayshore line and we will see a few upper 60s in the south bay and inland east bay and in the north bay valley. tomorrow clouds come back and they will be thin like this morning and temperatures are in the mid-to-upper 40s inland and upper 40s to low 50s for the bay shore and to the coast. here is what is happening, an area of high pressure dominating the forecast again and it is steering everything to the north and because of that, dry pattern conditions and it continues to dump the cold air into the eve everyone two they ares of the
5:19 am
country if you are headed that way there is a different winter than us. my seven-day forecast has a slight warming trend through oscar sunday and we will pull the temperatures back but above average. .a good one. >> the richmond san rafael toll plaza is nearly empty and not too many cars. it will take you five minutes. we have big construction happening in san leandro and this is happening during the week. if you are traveling along subside of 880 to thursday morning from midnight until 4:00 a.m. just before the commute is underway you will find the marina boulevard bridge it is shut down. detours are in place, however you will see lanes being blocked off starting at nine. along the northbound direction it will take place next week, next tuesday and when a foreclosure of 880 at 9:00 p.m.
5:20 am
lasting from midnight to 4:00. detour are in place so travels will make be too different and right now everything and green and at top speed. 5:20. straight heed, seven things to know as you start the day. the first lady slow dances where a muppet for a good cause. >> you real life bumper cars caught on camera. >> as the day is if gear keep on top of weather and traffic. the tom toll plaza is
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5:23 am
tried to help. >> fremont police are looking for a call girl crook. a man say she robbed him. the victim said he met her online. he thinks she drugs hill. when he woke up his hands were tied behind his back and the woman and three men were robbing him. >> a mother was shot and skilled after a driving lesson for her teen daughter in a road rage incident. >> tough new restrictions in california to deal with the drought including scaling back on fresh towels and sleets at hotels and restaurants at restaurants unless they are asked for. they could back outdoor water fountains. >> the first day of spring. for the giants. they report to arizona today with the first work out scheduled tomorrow and the let of the team joins for spring training next week. the joyans on the regular season on the 6th of april in arizona
5:24 am
against the diamondbacks. >> off to a calm and cool and dry start with sunshine and warmer temperatures ahead in the profit. >> a look at san rafael 101 moving in the southbound direction with tail lights looking fuzzy. everything is moving along without any problems and we do have construction and congestion building in certain areas. i will tell you where. >> tone at look, "7 on your side" discover as new cheap are way to park. >> i drove in to the world series game day with the giants and all parking lots were $60. >> how to find a spot in the city no more than $15. that is tonight. >> here is someone you do not want packing your car a wisconsin man says his foot was stuck on the accelerator when he hit nine nine, nine vehicles in a parking lot.
5:25 am
the 92-year-old slammed interest several cars and ripped off a bum bother but then he slammed into a pick medium truck. fortunately no one was injured. >> was the boot stuck? >> stuck? >> pleading the 5th. >> full investigation required. >> pleading the 5th. >> a beagle has won best in she in west westminster dog show in new york. a lot of people thought the skye could win but it was the four-year-old miss tea was the top >> my choice for "best in show," was the beagle. >> another beagle! >> in prize hundred for winning
5:26 am
westminster only the possibility of lucrative breeding rights. >> first lady will do anything to promote her "let's ♪ don't want to close my eyes and don't want to sleep ♪ ♪ i don't want do miss a thing a thing ♪ >> that was first lady slow dancing with big bird to "i don't want to miss a thing." she difficulty for a comedy website. let's move is aimed at getting kids to eat fruits and vegetables. >> the video will exist forever. okay? >> coming back with another full 90 minutes of news much. >> including the dozen cars up this flames in napa.
5:27 am
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we live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good wednesday morning at 5:29. thanks for waking up early and joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with traffic and meteorologist mike nicco has the forecast. >> we have low fog. not the same as yesterday. they are not so moisten laden. they are higher in the sky. we do not have to worry about fog. visibility is unlimited on live doppler hd. this is how it looks from the exploritorium, temperatures are in the 40s to low 50s. the faster sunshine and upper 50s to 60 at noon. upper 50s to mid-60s at 4:00
5:30 am
and up to 5 at 7:00 with warmer weather ahead. >> leyla how are the roads? >> you will need sunglasses later today to get through the traffic. it is getting busy at the bay bridge toll plaza if you come in from the east bay you have a wait. 680, that is slow beyond treat boulevard with traffic not so smooth as it was 30 minutes ago but no actions. -- no accidents. >> san jose police want you to take a look at new surveillance video hoping to find the suspect would shot and killed a security gar over a box of cheap cigars. matt keller is at police headquarters in san jose. this video shows what took place before the shooting. the victim's family is hoping this video helps police if their
5:31 am
investigation. you can see the suspects walk into the lick for less saturday night and they all left but a man came back in, grabbed cigars and tripped and fell and the security guard manny zuniga was next door and tried to help. he was shot and killed. outside the liquor store the memorial for manny zuniga is growing. friends and family hope this video leads to an arrest. >> the family can foe that the person that took their special person now going to serve if the crime. we. manny zuniga and eight others were security guards directly for bboss nightclub next to the liquor store. on tuesday there was no security at the restaurant or night club because the entire security team quit on monday night.
5:32 am
a fundraiser has raised for funeral. the funeral for manny zuniga is next wednesday. in the east bay the search is on for a call girl accused of being behind a robbery and beating. a man hired a prostitute who identified herself as chrissy and he admitted he is solicited other an website. he says they arranged to meet. he broughter back to the home in fremont she drugged him. when he woke up three men were in his house with the woman and they bet him until he told them where the cash and valuables were located. a man we talked to said his friend solicited a prostitute from a similar website. [ inaudible ] >> police are asking for the help of the public to find the female suspect.
5:33 am
she is italian or his thank, here is her picture. 18 to 20 and red highlights in her hair with tattoos and three cars on her chest. >> a university student faces you attempted murder for a stabbing attack on his roommate at their cam pice farm. the 19-year-old kill was booked into jail and he was injured. kim's injuries were self inflicted. the roommate was cut several times but the wounds are not life threatening. our reporter is in the santa clara university with a report at the top of the hour. >> a coach in santa cruz is accused of trying to have sex with a minor. the man repeatedly contacted an underage teen with intentions of having sex. her parents discovered the relationship and reportedded him. investigators say he is a
5:34 am
convicted sex offender but did not register. >> fire investigators are searching this morning for the cause of the fire that destroyed a building at a napa vineyard last night at 8:00 west of highway 29. the 4000 square foot barn stored a dozen vehicles including trucks and tractors. the fire was contained in an how. it did not spread to the vineyard or wild land but it caused significant damage to the barn and vehicles inside. >> a pee con that helps ships move under the bay bridge is working. the beacon has been fixed after five months. hundreds of ships went through in that time relying on two working beacons for guidance. officials blame the manufacturers' defect. how important are the beacons? the coast guard says a broken one was partly responsible when an oil tanker crashed into a support treasure of the bay
5:35 am
bridge in 2013. >> labor sent will meet again today with dock workers in an effort to get them to reach a contract agreement. this morning workers are unloading ships at 29 west coast port including oakland after the four day shut down. tom perez said this could cost american businesses hundreds of millions if it drags on. >> senator boxer and a state saturday dr. pan will talk about the need for vaccinating kids. both responders legislation to prevent the spread of diseaseses. the centers for disease control says there are two separate outbreaks with 20 new cases last week. boxer's bill ensures all children in head start of vaccinated unless they are too sick. >> dr. pan is trying to repeal the personal believe exemption allowing parents to opt out of vaccinating children. very important reminder starting this saturday, the way
5:36 am
you deal in the 415 area code is changing. you have to deal 1-415, as if you are calling another area code. if you call us here from 415 number you dial if you do not you will hear a recording tell telling you to hang out. the new area code is being introduced asigned to new numbers in the 410 region. 628 numbers will be assigned next month. the dialing change starts this saturday. love the confusion. helpfully we have minimized that. now, everyone, speaking of michigan maze, it is not so humid this morning as it was
5:37 am
yesterday. still very mild with low-to-mid 50's up and down 101 and 29 to mill valley the cool spot freeway at 44 degrees. san ramon is 47. present wood is 478 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 50s and 54s in san francisco, redwood city newark cupertino, san jose, and this is how it looks, 87 to the shark tank and it is cloudy but where the dry air faster sunshine and return to 60s for most of us and 65 and 69 inland and 58 to secretary along the cost and 67 around the bay. look how clean the air is over 101 looking south from san rafael and moving forward the next three days the clouds are more minimal and. toes will respond and we will see a lost 60 at the cost and 70s around our bay and inland neighborhoods through saturday.
5:38 am
some of you may have been digging around for chains to get across the richmond-san rafael bridge with backed up traffic having dissipated. a few extra cars have made it through the toll. but it is clear. highway 17 is in the backdrop and northbound direction, those are the headlines and pushing to cupertino and as we look at cupertino, 62 miles per hour is the top speed and a wide view of the south bay 101 up to the mineta san jose international airport 62 miles per hour. highway 85 and highway 87 and 17, all move along at top speeds and action free. through palo alto and woodside in delays on 280 and 101 and dumbarton bridge all clear. >> let the polling again, two well-known women emerging as early contending for barbara
5:39 am
boxer's senate seat. >> a ticket to mars, exploreers willing to give up their entire live on earth for a one way trip to the red planet. stay tuned.
5:40 am
5:41 am
>> covering los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area this is abc7 news. welcome back a new poll shows half of california voters want former secretary of state condoleeza rice to succeed senator boxer. she said it is not a consideration but a poll shows 49 percent of voters were more inclined to vote for the republican. california attorney general kamala harris was second with 46 percent and so far, the democrat is the only announced campaigner for the seat. 46 congressional districts
5:42 am
representatives including sanchez and secretary of state round out the top four vote are choices. >> president obama is vowing to appeal a federal judge's decision to block his executive order on immigration that everyone supposed to take effect today. monday night a federal judge in texas blocked the president's actions that would give temporary legal status but not citizenship to more than five million undoubled -- undocument the immigrants. the department of homeland security will comply and activists say they will continue for work with the hope that the ruling is overturned urging those eligible for protection under the new programs to continue working on their politicians. >> thing of this: would you be willing to live forever in history but perhaps never be here to see it in the pool of candidates willing to colonize mars has been narrowed to 100 people, march from the bay area. 50-year-old lives here and enjoys a together career but will leave it behind for a one
5:43 am
way ticket to the red planet selected from 200,000 from around the people. >> it comes down to working with people and being in an environment that could be monotonous but you can be engaged. >> another woman from oakland is among the 100. after the training section in the fall it will be narrowed to the final 24. if all goes according to the plan the first group could be on mars in 10 years. a brave adventurous group. >> speaking of the giants begin defending their world series crown with the start of spring training. >> after four months since they beat the royals in game seven to win the third world series championship in five years and pitchers and catchers report today for physicals with the first work out and everyone else joins next week. the giants open in arizona
5:44 am
against the d-backs. the man in the video will not be at training. pablo. >> at training catch with another team. in a different size unit form. we >> a lot talk how he looks showing up to the red sox training camp but that is another story altogether. >> he is not...not smaller uniform. now it is sun's else issue. >> now, good morning everyone, coming up on 5:45 and live doppler 7 hd shows it is dry. the manner lay -- the marine layer is out there and the clouds are high and filled with left moisture so we will not see any crazy el -- any drizzle. not all clouds are moving from the east this morning.
5:45 am
we have a northern wind in the north bay keeping fog from forming. in walnut creek you can see mainly clouds and now so hazy. no fog to deal with. because the air is dry and the marine layer is thick, the moisture is spread out in a greater area allowing the sun to penetrate and get rid of it faster today. temperatures are back warmer than yesterday with a reprieve from the above-average temperatures and it felt like winter. tomorrow, through the weekend, more sun and more warmth and one day deeper into the seven-day forecast forecast and still dry. cloud cover is increasing through 8:00 and by noon it is again. at the coast we will see limited cloud cover in the afternoon the we will see what it does to the temperatures, in the south bay we will have upper 60s around san jose, morgan hill and to santa cruz at 56 to 68 and at the love 68s inland concord
5:46 am
livermore, and same around napa and santa rosa and from san rafael richmond, and down the bay shoreline to palo alto and fremont we will have mid-50s and the cost upper 50s to 60 for a warm spot at half moon bay. a ragged deck of clouds again tonight and temperatures are in the 40s and mid-to-upper 40s until you get around san rafael and richmond and san francisco and san mateo. here is the area of high pressure and it is grabbing all the cold air and bringing it to the eastern two-thirds of the country and we have a dry and warm pattern. yesterday we had the wear arm sitting above the clouds and without the clouds the warm air will make it to the ground so we will be ten degrees warmer than yesterday. upper 60 to low 70s throughout the seven-day forecast. leyla? >> mass transit shows bart has 45 train on time.
5:47 am
ace train one and three, no delays. east bay all buses are looking on time. the bay bridge toll plaza shows the metering lights are turned on soon. we are still seeing heavy backups from fast trackers moving to the tolls. beyond the tolls this is what it will look like from emeryville moving along just fine. up to treasure island, no delays and eastbound away from san francisco to the first tower, it is going to be worked on a couple of lanes are shut down until we 6:00 this morning. we moving over to the peninsula, the drive in the southbound direction along 101 into palo alto not a problem but if you head out of mountain view northbound 101 we do have a solo crash into a concrete median and one lane is blocked and we have a delay coming up to it. coming up, a witness to history only on abc7 the man
5:48 am
would marched with martin luther king jr. has a message for a new generation. >> united states attorney holder talks smack about his boss. >> will apple have a wrist winner? it is called a smashing success before often the release. stay tuned. area female announcer: through sunday, save up to $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic. even get three years interest-free financing on tempur-pedic. and of course, free same-day delivery. but hurry! sleep train's presidents' day sale ends sunday.
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>> new orleans crews are cleaning up after mardi gras celebrations stopped at
5:51 am
midnight. fat tuesday was in mid-50s and dropped 20 togethers so that probably got people home. large crowds filled the french quarter seats and between 50 and 150 tons of trash will be collected. forecasters predict warmer temperatures for recovering party goers shedding the excess of the weekend for the start of lent today on (a) wednesday. >> skit black history month and a figure of the civil rights movement is visit the bay area right new. georgia congressman john lewis is here to inspire the next generation. the 74-year-old is meeting with students at san francisco state at 1:00 o'clock. lewis was a teen when he became inspired by martin luther king jr. after reading about the bus boycott. he decided he will use the same media to show the power of nonviolence. >> i was on the freedom ride many years ago a young member of
5:52 am
the klan beat me and my seat mate and love us bloody. many years later the same man and his son came to visit me in my office in washington and said will you for give me? >> the book is called "march," the second in a series just public lived. we sat down with an interview with him and you can watch it on our website at >> this could seen unrelated but it is not. the folks at veal transportation authority in san jose have a diversity if black history month symposium and i was invited to take part a great time. from left to right panelists professor from santa clara university teaches theater and dance. the honorable cor independent police auditor and a
5:53 am
guy in the red tie. we discussed the history of the movement and how to keep young people -- bit this is a rare selfie with the mayor of santa clara. we talks about the people would glued us and how you keep young people interested in history when there is so much else going on in the world today. and what things will look back in 50 years. if i knew that i would have the lottery numbers for next week. >> company. >> which you would share. >> was this just for folks who work there or for the broader commune? >> primarily for work there. they do this each year for a decade now. it is amazing to think that the organization would want to do something like that, taking people out of their work day and let them come in and talk about
5:54 am
this and ask questions and take periods. it was fun. >> important discussions. >> now turning things over to meteorologist mike nicco and important look at the weather forecast. >> eric is modest if you know his story he is overcome some great adversityies to be with us. maybe he will share some day. >> king tides and flooding, at 10:38 at the golden gate bridge. our highest tide is at 11:15 and oakland later at 11:25. we will reap the low 70s in the central valley and 73 in los angeles, and you thought the snow pack was bad last year? it is worse this year. no snow is headed to the sierra this weekend. leyla? >> metering lights are turned on and it is packed from the east bay. across the bay we have a few incidents including a brand new crash with two vehicles gumming up the commute southbound 880.
5:55 am
one lane is blocked. pull bumper-to-bumper highway 237 we have a stalled pickup. blocking the middle lane. into palo alto northbound 101 at the parkway, a solo crash. poor weather and dangerous seas have hampered efforts to free a lump back whale tangled in strong lane off the coast of hawaii's big i'll. the 45' long 45 ton whale spotted northwest of kilo and was moving along the we cost on sunday bulling a red trainers are working to free the whale. >> amazing rescue in new zealand which submerged after a crash and she kept her head above the returning water and the door would not open so an officer
5:56 am
grabbed a large rock and smashed the window. the water rushed in as they pulled her free and the woman was taken to the hospital for cuts and becauses but should recover. >> attorney general holder is talking "smack," to his boss and you can do that when you have resigned claiming he is the boater basketball player. >> should we see the video? post on youtube, holier shooting hoops at the willie mays boys and girls club. he was asked to compare his skills with the budget at a national press club luncheon and he reminded everyone of his background. >> i am from new york city. the home of basketball greats like archibald kareem the doctor irving. the president is from hawaii. >> this is video of a younger president obama playing basketball. so far he has not commented.
5:57 am
>> snapchat turned down $3 billion from facebook and the evaluation showing that was probably a great idea. >> new backlash as this photo of the form giants star goes viral. everyone is talking about it. stay t
5:58 am
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try unsloppy joes. pillsbury grands biscuits. ♪ make dinner pop. ♪ new 00 an average of $500 just by switching to progressive. so you'll be bringing home the bacon in no time. sorry. get a free quote at pro live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> new security video police are hoping will lead to a gunman who shot and killed a south bay security guard called a "hero." >> roommate rampage a night turn s violent for college students and what police are revealing. >> calling for shots a push vaccine shorters will make today as measles outbreak spreads.
6:00 am
>> good morning on ash wednesday. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas with leyla gulen and meteorologist mike nicco. >> it will be warmer today with more sunshine than yesterday if you could even see some. we still have the cloud deck but it is more dry. that is why we do fault see a reduction if visibility. you can see how calm it is this morning. we look at the 12 hour day planner we will hang around the upper 50s to 60 at noon with a lot sunshine this afternoon and 58 at the coast and 66 inland and a mild evening at mid-to-upper 50s. i will show you remain wither weather in the seven-day forecast. traffic was bad yesterday. >> custodian improve -- today is a huge improvement. metering lights were turned on and you have a wait on your hands from the east bay. on


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